The following is an abridged view of my motion graphics work. If you’d like to see my non-motion graphic design work, you can do that here!

Markee, 2022

An introductory explainer video for Markee, a telehealth startup. I storyboarded and animated the spot based on a provided script. Characters were designed to conform to an art style the client had developed with a previous designer.

IncNow, 2020

An animated explainer video for IncNow, detailing aspects of LLC creation. I was responsible for all of the design and animation, the former having gone through several iterations before we hit upon the right look for the client.

“IncNow” Style Concepts (click to expand!)

DuckDuckGo: “Nothing to Hide”, 2019

“Nothing to Hide” was the second installment of a four part internet privacy awareness campaign for DuckDuckGo. The task was to create an animation that showed how Google and Facebook invade their users’ privacy, through the metaphor of lab scientists experimenting on “the little guy”. I storyboarded, designed and animated all of the characters and set pieces, and at times contributed alternative directorial concepts to best facilitate the client’s needs. This piece uses an extensive amount of puppet-pinning and 2.5 D manipulation to achieve its effect.

“Nothing to Hide” Storyboard (click to expand!)

Comet Financial, 2018

This piece, produced for Comet Financial, required a short turnaround of one week. I was responsible for developing the visual style of all sections featuring the “student” character, as well as animating said sections.

Chemours Safety 360° Series, 2018

This four-part series for the Chemours company was developed to address basic safety concerns in a variety of workplace-adjacent circumstances. I was asked to create vibrant but clean-looking animated sequences to wrap around live action monologues by the Chemours CEO. After mocking up a few style variants, a cutout look was settled on. “Introduction” and “Opioid” were directed by my supervisors at Short Order, but by the time “Roadways” and “Workplace” rolled around, I was given the opportunity to direct them myself, developing visuals based on the monologues alone.

Choose Delaware, 2018

This campaign ad for the Delaware Prosperity Partnership was meant to present a variety of incentives for living and working in DE. Using a combination of write-on effects and 2.5 D, I created a “living blueprint” look for the ad, where various elements appeared to be drawn and then animated to inhabit the state.

Equal Votes, 2017

Produced for Lawrence Lessig and Equal Citizens, this spot centered on electoral reform, and required me to create wraparound animations for Lessig’s monologue. I used a muted color palette of red, blue, and black to evoke the American political system, and created sequences meant to reflect the seriousness of the subject matter while still retaining some animated vitality.



  • “Markee Telehealth API” – Markee (2022)
  • “DuckDuckGo: Watching You” – DuckDuckGo (2022)
  • “How Does a Delaware Series LLC Work?” – IncNow (2020)
  • “DuckDuckGo: Data Profiling” – DuckDuckGo (2020)
  • “DuckDuckGo: Nothing to Hide” – DuckDuckGo (2019)
  • “DuckDuckGo: The Money Machine” – DuckDuckGo (2019)
  • “Choose Delaware” – Delaware Prosperity Partnership (2018)
  • “Applying a Safety 360° Mindset to the Workplace” – Chemours (2018) †
  • “Applying a Safety 360° Mindset to Roadways” – Chemours (2018) †
  • “Applying a…360° Mindset to the Opioid Epidemic” – Chemours (2018)
  • “Introducing a Safety 360° Mindset” – Chemours (2018)
  • “Data Privacy Day 2018” – DuckDuckGo (2018)
  • Chemours Fire Safety – Chemours (2018)
  • Chemours Global Securities – Chemours (2018)
  • Chemours Fatigue – Chemours (2018)
  • “Should I Refinance My Student Loans?…” – Comet Financial (2018)
  • “Meet EcoPak from Chemours Mining Solutions” – Chemours (2018)
  • “Asides: Conversations with Women In Theatre” – THML (2017) †
  • OpenBracket Post-Show – OpenBracket DE (2017)
  • OpenBracket Competition Program – OpenBracket DE (2017)
  • “Equal Votes: Let’s fix the way we elect…” – Equal Citizens (2017)

  • Directed

  • Proficient in every step of the motion graphics pipeline, from storyboarding to final deliverables
  • Experience in animation direction
  • Experience in developing motion graphics for social media use
  • Capable of animating in a variety of visual styles, custom-tailored to the client’s needs
  • Well-versed in the Adobe suite, particularly Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator, as well as Blender
  • Some traditional animation experience
  • Proficient in a variety of secondary skills to facilitate production needs, including graphic design, audio mixing/mastering, and voiceover production/direction